Principal's Welcome

Education in the 21st Century continues to evolve, in response to the ever changing society which we belong to. It is in this context that the school community of St Mary's Primary School, Ascot Vale, identifies itself as an innovative, creative and dynamic place of contemporary learning where all are constantly challenged.

Focusing on the concept of being a catholic, learning community, St Mary's Primary School has developed educational programmes that; -

  • Promote an individual child's physical, academic, emotional, spiritual and intellectual development, ensuring the development of self confidence, self acceptance and self esteem.

  • Reflect the Gospel values of tolerance, justice and acceptance of others; - these values being the essence of a Catholic Community identity.

  • Engage learners with the implementation of a variety of learning strategies, allowing all to experience and enjoy success.

  • Emphasise the importance of Numeracy and Literacy skills.

  • Recognise the diversity of today's learning, with an integrated approach to planning curriculum, acknowledging through enquiry the interdependence of knowledge, skills, and understandings.

  • Effectively use ICT to enhance the learning environment.

  • Communicate a learning partnership between child, family and school.

  • Respect an individual's response to learning with processes established for intervention and extension.

  • With learning being a shared responsibility of all in the community, much will be gained by exploring our school website. In essence the information on this website explains who we are at St Mary's Primary School, Ascot Vale.

Paul Hogan