Teaching and Learning Overview

Teaching and Learning Statement

Children learn best:

  • when they feel secure and valued
  • in a supportive and stimulating environment
  • when they have the support and interest of their parents
  • when they have positive self-esteem
  • when they feel confident in their ability to succeed
  • when they feel empowered
  • when risk taking is promoted
  • when learning is relevant to their world and everyday lives
  • when they can build on their prior knowledge and experience and use these to make links with their ongoing learning
  • when they are in an environment which encourages questioning. and exchange of information
  • when talk and group interaction are valued
  • when they feel a sense of achievement through their involvement in a task
  • when they are interested, motivated and challenged
  • when they can experience learning in a practical way (hands on)
  • when they are exposed to a variety of meaningful experiences
  • when they are actively involved and are given opportunities to take responsibility for their learning
  • at their own rate
  • when they experience activities and approaches, which suit their individual abilities, learning styles, needs and interests
  • when they are given opportunities to reflect on their learning
  • when they are clear about expectations
  • through demonstration and modelling