Extracurricular Instrumental Program

Piano Teacher with Students Guitar Teacher with Students

At St. Mary's, private instrumental music lessons are offered in piano/keyboard and guitar. Lessons are available for children in grades 1 through to 6. It is an opportunity to gain a knowledge of music reading, theory, performance and to develop confidence and self esteem.

Lessons are 30 minutes duration and held once a week between 12.30pm and 6pm in groups of two for piano/keyboard and in groups of three for guitar. The cost is $135.00 per term for 8 lessons. Parents are invoiced each term, separate to school fees.

Children are encouraged to practise at home every day so as to gain maximum value from the lessons, to learn new material quicker, remember old pieces and to acquire finger agility. It is required to have their own instrument at home to practise on, but students do not need to bring keyboards to school for their lesson. Students can bring their own guitar to their lesson.

An instrumental recital is held at the end of each school year. It provides an opportunity for students to showcase their talents, develop valuable performance skills and musicianship and to applaud the achievements of other students.